Babies and Children

Treating babies, toddlers and school age children is a special interest we have at North Canberra Osteopathy. Anna and Deanne look after all our babies and toddlers, and Betsy sees children from preschool, including teens, and has further training in scoliosis assessment and management.

We see a range of conditions including musculoskeletal and neurological issues, movement concerns, breastfeeding issues, birth trauma, and scoliosis.

We have lots of techniques we use during a paediatric consult to relax and reassure our little patients. Often our baby patients fall asleep during their consult, or sleep right through it. Our techniques are gentle, relaxing and often a bit like a massage. There’s nothing fast, or rough. We have more information on what to bring to your child’s appointment on our ‘new patients’  page.

Throughout your child’s appointment we will explain and guide you through what we are doing and why. We’re more than happy to talk to you before you book in, if you need some more information on how osteo might be able to help your child.

If you would like to gift someone an appointment for their baby, please follow the link here to purchase a voucher.