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Dr Anna Walton

Principal Osteopath

About Anna

Hi, I’m Anna, and I’m an osteopath with substantial experience in paediatrics. I help babies and children who are stiff and uncomfortable, or who aren’t feeding well. Most of my patients are babies, but I also see children up to age 12.

I’m married with two awesome kids, and they’ve taught me a lot about how wonderful parenthood is, but also how hard it can be. My baby patients are brought in because they’ve been a bit squished in utero, or had a difficult birth, or have had a tongue tie, and they need a big, gentle, loosen up. We often see babies (and therefore parents) who are pretty miserable, and the majority of my work is helping those babies move well and feel more comfortable.

I became an osteopath in 1998, after completing a five year full time double degree in clinical science and osteopathy at RMIT, and did a further year of paediatrics training in 2011 at Victoria University. I’m also a qualified infant massage instructor, and I use this training a lot to teach parents massage techniques that they can do at home. We offer both in-person and telehealth consults, so if you live outside of Canberra, that’s a really good option to consider. If you’re reading this and you have a baby who is unsettled, stiff, or has some asymmetry, we’ll do our very best to get them relaxed, comfortable and moving well.

If you would like to talk to Anna prior to making an appointment for your child, give us a call or send an email to:


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Dr Betsy Foskett

Senior Osteopath and Clinic Leader

About Betsy

Hi, I’m Betsy. I’m an osteopath who treats babies and children. My mission is to see kids eat, breathe and sleep well.

Helping babies to feed comfortably is where I like to start. This may include gentle mobilising of their joints, light massage of their muscles, or some work intraorally. I work with children to strengthen their tongue, lip and throat muscles. This can complement dental work such as intraoral devices or orthodontics. I have done lots of further study in breathing retraining, which can help to establish good breathing habits in children. This in turn can help with sleep.

I grew up in Melbourne and moved to Canberra in 2016. Growing up  I wanted to be a manual therapist. I found Osteopathy and immediately fell in love. I completed by Bachelor of Health Science and Masters of Clinical Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University, I completed my Integrative Breathing Therapy in 2021 and further studied myofascial therapy in 2022. This year (2023) I completed a Diploma of Child Health through the University of Sydney.

I’m married with two amazing girls. When I have spare time I’m a homesteader. I love cooking from scratch, gardening, crafting, baking and reading. Escaping to the bush and camping in the outdoors is my happy place and where I choose to be when I’m on holiday.

I like to make my therapy fun and engaging for children by using toys and games. The goal of my treatments is to make my patients feel awesome, educate them and their families as well as make everyone laugh and have a good time. I hope to help as many children as I can to be the best version of themselves. You can find me here at North Canberra Osteo, and in Queanbeyan at the MotherHub.

You can make an appointment with Betsy here



Dr Imogen Collyer

Senior Osteopath

About Imogen

Imogen is taking a break from seeing patients for a few months and will then be available for telehealth appointments. If you’re interested on going on the waitlist to see Imogen please contact us.


Hi, I’m Imogen, I like helping people learn about their bodies, and how to move and breathe with ease. I enjoy treating people with breathing issues, (including breathing rehab for breathing dysfunction related to long COVID), back and pelvic girdle pain, jaw pain, and people with complex medical and musculoskeletal needs.

I’m passionate about teaching people how to understand what their bodies are telling them, and how to respond to their body signals. I like helping people to figure out if they need to stabilise, stretch, strength, rest, and how to optimise their day to day activities, work, or workouts.

I’ve been an Osteo for 9 years, I’m a yoga teacher, and I am finalising my certification in Integrative Breathing Therapy (IBT), which I have been studying over the past 18 months.

I use a combination of hands on Osteopathic techniques, MET, osteopathic cranial techniques, biodynamic approach, dry needling, rock taping, yoga and exercises for rehabilitation, breathing retraining and oromyofunctional exercises, lifestyle modification and stress management.

I enjoy exercising every day: yoga, walking, swimming, surfing (never as much as I would like), movement classes, spin class, and weights (this is new this year eeeek).

Bachelor Biomedical Science

Bachelor of Clinical Science

Masters in Health Science

IBT Practitioner

Dr Poh Pierce

Registered Osteopath

About Poh

Pleasure to meet you. I’m Poh, an Osteopath that hails from Melbourne.

Previously, I worked as a qualified geneticist who was fascinated about how unique each individual can be. I found myself wanting to have a more direct positive impact on people’s lives and transitioned into Osteopathy where I could apply my passion for scientific evidence and my love for helping people in an individualistic way.

I completed a Masters of Health Science in Osteopathy at Victoria University and have undertaken further studies in dry needling &  cupping. During my studies, I enjoyed teaching as a clinical assistant
at Victoria University and I believe that the same knowledge learnt by health professionals should be shared with patients to help empower them to achieve a pain free better quality of life.

I enjoy treating and talking to people from all walks of life. I believe there is always something to learn from everyone’s unique experience and that their motivators and goals for managing pain and improving health are different. I aim to create a non-judgemental environment for people to express their needs and work collaboratively towards a pain free life through in-clinic treatment and out of
clinic management strategies.

Outside of work, I love indulging my foodie tendencies, bushwalking on beautiful days, learning to say ‘yes’ in order to expand my horizons, petting every dog I see and showing off pictures of my cat.

You can make an appointment with Poh here


Dr Rea Braun

Registered Osteopath

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About Rea

I was an elite water polo player in my teenage years and had a lot of sports injuries. Under the care of an osteopath I recovered and returned to sport and was inspired to become an osteopath myself. I have been very fortunate to be supported by many incredible and caring osteopaths over the years, which has shaped who I am as a clinician. I always knew I would end up in a career helping others.

My treatment philosophy is holistic, patient-centred, non-weight centric and inclusive. I am passionate about being a Health At Every Size (HAES) provider, offering a safe space for all people to prioritise and improve their health. My area of interest is women’s health. My priority is creating a safe and equitable environment for my patients to achieve great outcomes.

Outside of the clinic you’ll find me as a regular at reformer pilates or curled up at home reading non-fiction books and binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy for the millionth time. As a Canberra local I love getting out and sharing some good food and drinks with family and friends, and enjoying some fresh air (when the weather permits). I am a lover of travel so am always planning my next trip abroad!

I completed my studies for osteopathy at RMIT University in Melbourne, graduating with distinction in 2021. I have completed further professional development in osteopathy for pregnancy, postpartum, pelvic pain, during/after breast cancer care and mastitis. I use a range of osteopathic techniques including soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, and other gentle forms of manual therapy. I also have training in visceral (organ) manipulation, dry needling and more!

You can make an appointment with Rea here


Dr Lauren Hyde

Registered Osteopath

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About Lauren

Hi I’m Lauren, I’m a registered osteopath who is passionate about living a more embodied life and helping people better connect with the wisdom and strength of their own body.

After completing my master’s degree in osteopathy, I have undertaken various post-graduate studies with some of Australia’s leading osteopaths – receiving particular training in cranial osteopathy and biodynamics. I often weave these gentle techniques into a treatment and lean on them as much or as little as appropriate for the condition and individual I’m treating.

I enjoy treating all kinds of people and conditions and have a particular interest in the treatment of migraines/headaches, post-concussion syndrome, and women’s health. I strive to implement a holistic and individualised approach with each person I see, as I believe that health is multidimensional.

After returning to Canberra after almost a decade of living away – I’m excited to get back into regular walks up the local mountains, trips to the snow and the rock-climbing in and around this beautiful city!

You can make an appointment with Lauren here


Dr Steph Rohde

Registered Osteopath

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About Steph
This is me and my service dog Aengus, who comes to work and has his own corner in my office.
I graduated from Victoria University in June 2022 with a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy). I began my career by moving to Gippsland Victoria where I spent time working in a regional setting. As a Canberra local, I am very excited to be home again and working with the fantastic team at North Canberra Osteopathy.
I have been passionate about the human body, for as long as I can remember and originally had dreamed of becoming a surgeon. When I got to uni, I found myself working reception for an Osteopath and became intrigued by the idea of healing the body using only hands – Before I knew it, I was packing up my life to move to Melbourne to pursue my studies. I enjoy the prospect of a career of lifelong education and am very excited to be training in paediatrics and cranial osteopathy.

You can make an appointment with Steph here