In a nutshell, telehealth is redefining healthcare accessibility, and there’s so much we can do to help via a video consultation. 

Most people’s view of osteopathy is that it involves hands on treatment. In reality, this makes up just a small part of what osteopaths do to assist with managing musculoskeletal health conditions.

Online appointments are perfect for:

Breathing and Long Covid: We can assess your breathing in an online consult, and prescribe evidence-based breathing retraining techniques for Long Covid.  

Paediatrics: Telehealth osteopathy makes it a breeze for parents to connect with us for common musculoskeletal conditions that babies can have, including neck rotation preferences and head asymmetry. As well as advice on exercises and positioning, we can teach parents gentle infant massage techniques they can confidently and safely do from home.  

Rehabilitation: Recovering from surgery or an injury? With virtual visits you’ll receive personalised exercise programs and advice to regain mobility and speed up your recovery, all from the comfort of your home. 

Mastitis Management: You don’t have to leave the house to get treatment – we can teach you how to deal with engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis, help you manage your symptoms and advise if and when to seek help from your GP. 

If you’re finding it hard to get in to see us in person, we’d love to see your face on our computer screen instead. You can arrange telehealth appointments in the comfort of your own home or wherever might be. 

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At North Canberra Osteo, we believe in providing a supportive and thorough consultation experience. Let’s walk through the different steps involved in your session, so you know exactly what to expect:
Case history: Your practitioner will take your case history by asking questions about your presenting symptoms, medical history, current exercise routine, and the impact of your aches, pains, or injuries on your day-to-day life. We’ll then discuss your goals for the session and what you would like to achieve from treatment, as well as your longer-term health goals. Understanding these details allows us to provide you with a more tailored and effective treatment plan.
Assessment and examination: To gain a better understanding of your condition, your practitioner will conduct a comprehensive physical assessment. This may involve evaluating your range of motion, performing practical tests, and observing movements and positions related to your area of concern. This assessment provides us with vital information in order to gain further insight into your musculoskeletal health.
Diagnosis: Based on the information gathered from the case history and assessment, your practitioner will work towards formulating a diagnosis. In simple terms, they will explain what’s happening with your body. Our aim is to help you understand your current health, what is going right and wrong, and what factors may be contributing to any issues that have arisen. 
Treatment plan: This is where we offer a comprehensive plan for improving your health. We will work together to set aims and goals for both the short and long term. During this discussion, we’ll explore various options, such as modifying activities of daily living (e.g., sleep positions, desk ergonomics), home exercises and stretches, as well as self-treatments using muscle release techniques and self-massage. Our goal is to provide you with practical solutions that can be incorporated into your everyday routine.
At North Canberra Osteo, our primary focus is to support you throughout your personal health journey. Our online consultations offer the convenience and accessibility you need, while ensuring that you still receive tailored and thorough care. We are excited to accompany you on your path towards improved health and wellbeing. Remember, North Canberra Osteo is here for you every step of the way!
    Book your appointment online via our website (prepayment optional via our secure payment gateway).
    After booking your appointment, you will receive an email confirmation containing a tele-link for your appointment. You will then be sent a new patient form prior to your appointment, including questions regarding your medical history and reason for seeing us.
    At the time of your appointment, click on the link in your confirmation email. You don’t need any additional or special software; this link will take you to your virtual consultation ‘room’ where you will be met by your treating practitioner. You can access your appointment on any device with internet access and a forward-facing camera – laptop, tablet or smart phone.
*If your appointment falls under private health, WorkCover, TAC, CDM or DVA, please contact us as these may not be available at this time or require pre-approval. Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can assist with anything else – 
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